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The largest city in area in the United States is Juneau, Alaska. It covers 3,248 square miles, yet the city population is fewer than 30,000.
Features and Fun City Facts

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City History
Historic People

City History

One hundred years ago, a scrappy little town of about 4,900 people fought off its Anaheim neighbors to become the seat of government of the newly formed county of Orange.

It was 1889, and area residents, dissatisfied with the quality of public services provided by Los Angeles County, had just voted to form their own county.

After some heavy lobbying in Sacramento, Santa Ana won the county-seat designation and became the area's political power base. It was an impressive victory for a city that began in 1869 as little more than an isolated mustard field in the middle of nowhere.

The mustard field became a town when founder William H. Spurgeon bought 74 acres from the Yorba estate and began to lay out a 24-block village.

Spurgeon set aside an entire city block for construction of an impressive stone courthouse with a tower that rose higher than any building in town. The courthouse still stands and has been restored.

Santa Ana began to boom after the Southern Pacific Railroad built a line to the area in 1877. Nine years later, Santa Ana became a city.

It experienced another boom immediately after World War II as industry sprang up, creating jobs and drawing thousands of new residents. But by the 1960s, the city's image had tarnished as business stagnated and some neighborhoods deteriorated.

In the 1980s, civic leaders have been working revitalize the city and restore its image. Santa Ana has aggressively pursued redevelopment, luring major hotels, retailers and industry. One of the more visible results is the MainPlace shopping center downtown. The mall, which opened in 1987, has created 2,000 jobs and added considerably to the city's revenue.

Today, Santa Ana is seen as a city making a comeback. Many residents boast that it is Orange County's only true urban area, and they say they enjoy Santa Ana's ethnic and cultural diversity.

Historic Figures

Dr. Willella Howe-Waffle (1854-1924)

Dr. Willella Howe-Waffle (1854-1924)
Dr. Willella Howe-Waffle was one of Orange County's first woman doctors, delivering over 1000 babies during her 38 years of practice. She was known for her kindness and devotion to her patients. She and her husband, Dr. Alvin Howe came to Orange County in 1878, settling in the Westminster area . She taught at the old Bolsa School in Santa Ana to earn enough to complete her medical education. When she was ready to do so, she took her baby daughter with her to Hahnemann Medical College in Chicago. She graduated in 1886, returned to Santa Ana and began her practice that same year.

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