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The Space Needle, built in 1961 in Seattle, Washington is the first revolving restaurant.

Boeing's final assembly plant, the world's largest building, is located in Everett, Washington.
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Soon after 1887 European and Native American homesteaders settled together in what is now Lincoln City. To settle in the Siletz Bay and Salmon River both homesteaders had to pull together their skills to survive this secluded coast land. From 1887 to the 1930's the combination of homesteads, camps and businesses flourished into 5 different cities Cutler City, Taft, Delake, Nelscott and Oceanlake located in North Lincoln County.

Cutler City established in 1913, organized the North Lincoln Rhododendron Society in 1938 in bloom from May to June chosen the rhododendron capitol. Taft, named after the President William Howard Taft, was the center of North Lincoln County's economic and social life. Taft was very famous for their Fourth of July Festivities. Delake was appropriately named for the popular local saying "I'm going to de lake", 'D' River runs right through Delake and is the shortest river with the shortest name. Nelscott was so dense with spruce and hemlock that is was not settled till just before 1910 with the opening of Nelscott Land Co. the town was born, soon also forming the Nescott Post Office containing the areas only restaurant, bus depot and hotel. Oceanlake was established in the mid 1920's by businessmen who operated a camp ground called "Devils Lake Park" known to be the exact spot that Jason Lee and his party camped. The Area was named suitably for being smack in the middle of the ocean and the lake.

Annual events such as Oceanlake's Regatta and Tafts Redhead Roundup and the Taft Fourth of July activities were only example of the tourist competition in this area. These attractions continued to accentuate different attractions of each town. With the growth of tourism and new patrons came the controversy of how to govern these 5 cities.

The government services to each community; fire and police protection the main issue for all, locals and tourist. Many people were against combining the separate established postal cities, because they had all developed independently of each other. After a lot of controversy and failed attempts at naming the combined cities, a contest was held to find a new name and on March 3rd 1965 school children submitted the winning name of Lincoln City Oregon.

Lincoln City today is still thriving with the cultural and tourism boom of a relaxing picturesque coastal city. Lincoln City is home of the North Lincoln County Historical Museum, the Annual Gleneden Beach Fourth of July Parade and Festivities and the Lincoln City Farmers and Crafters Market Sundays.

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